Video Line Surge Protector
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CCTV video line surge protector



  • Ideal for video signal of CCTV cameras & Digital Video Recorder

  • Protects sensitive data networks against lightning induced surges without impairing the system normal operation or cause excessive in0line resistance

  • CP series employs multistage protection with GDT for primary protection then linked by a second stage series impedance and semiconductor voltage dependant device to provide unsurpassed performance in lightning surge protection


Technical Specification


Signal Type 1V P-P Std. Video Signal
Nominal Operating Signal Voltage ± 1V
Max. Operating Signal Voltage ± 2V
Standard Clamp Voltage @ 1mA ±2.3V (Centre Conductor - Screen)

82V (Screen - Ground)

Left-through Voltage (Line-Ground)@IEEE C 62.36 - 1194 (CCITT) / ITU-k.20 Enhanced 6kV, 150A, 10/700μs 3V (Centre Conductor - Screen)

130V (Screen - Ground)

Max. Surge Current 8/20 μs Centre Conductor - Ground 10kA, Screen - Ground 11kA
-3db Band width @ 75 ohm circuit From DC to 140MHz
Inseertion Loss @ 75 ohm circuit <0.5db
Max. Signal Current (Centre Conductor - Screen) 350mA
Loop Resistance 4 ohm
Impedance 75 ohm
Response Time <1ns
Operation & Storage Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Warranty Period 5 years



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