Woodcord (Chipboard) Panel
Woodcord (Chipboard) Panel Raise Floor Communication Product Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply Suppliers Retailer | LEO Automation Trading
WOODCORE Raised Floor System
Panel size: 600 X 600 X 26 mm/30mm/40mm
Core: High density chip board
Bottom: Gavalized steel sheet
Four sides: PVC / ABS edge trim

Covering option:
1. Anti-static HPL coverings
2. Galvanized steel sheet
3. ESD control PVC/Viny finish
4. Ceramic tile
Fully galvanized steel encapsulated wood core panels, size available at 600*600*26mm or 600*600*30mm.
Corner lock is also an option for encapsulated
woodcore panel to form the system.
Various types of specially designed and well manufactured understructure accessories are available:

 Snap on stringer (Light Duty)
Snap on stringer (Light Duty)
 Snap on stringer (Medium Duty)
Snap on stringer (Medium Duty)
Snap on stringer (Heavy Duty) 
Snap on stringer (Heavy Duty)
Performance Chart:
Type Size(mm) Concentrated Load Uniform Load
    £®Lb£© £®kn£© (lb/sqm) (kn/sqm)
Light Duty 600×600×26 600 2.8 2150 9.8
Medium Duty 600×600×30 800 3.6 2800 12.6
Heavy Duty 600×600×40 1000 4.5 3500 15.75
Flatness0.5mm,Size Squareness0.3mm

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