Anti-Static HPL
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Our HPL are manufactured through high temperature and high pressure by impregnated melamine paper and phenolic paper. Our HPL are colorfull, flatness, with properties of wear-resistance, heat-resistance, dirty-resistance, clearance maitainance and permanent decoration etc.
Performance Chart:

Boiling Water
Dimension Stability(%Max) 10
Thickness Stability(%Max) 10
Surface No Effect
Radiant Heat Resistance Surface No Effect
Impact Resistance Thickness(mm) Height(mm)  
0.8 100 No Fragmentation
1.5 800
Wear Resistance(cycles) 400(min) 400(min)
Clean ability 20 hours for covering or none covering No Effect
Cigarette Burning Resistance 2 minutes Slight Effect
Light Resistance Slight Effect No Effect
Dimension Stability Machine Direction(%Max) 0.45
Cross Direction(%Max) 0.9
(Antistatic HPL Only)
Surface resistance 106 -108ohm
Volume resistance 106 -108ohm

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