Tripod Turnstile TTS450
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retain same durable design of manual turnstile while integrating precise motor to fully automate turnstile rotation functionality. They allow pedestrian to just push the arm lightly and it will rotate automatically allowing passage.

MAG TTS450 adopt precise photo electricity limit and gear to orient the closure. Ensure the closure much more precise, stable and smooth; greatly reduce the collision of mechanism.

MAG TTS450 suitable for indoor and shaded outdoor application only. TTS450 always install in entrance of club house, college, theme park, ticketing checkpoint for mass transportation.

Motorized turnstile give a more premium and organized entrance to your building.


  • can be bi-direction transit. The arm of the turnstile of the turnstile can be set to bi-direction passing or single-direction passing to control pedestrian movement direction.

  • arm can be automatic down when power is off to allow free passing, ensure people able to evacuate in short time during emergency cases. After power recover, then arm will automatically rotate and rise up.

  • LED direction indicator at top cover. Green arrow or red cross mark will be shown at top cover to indicate the correct direction to allow access.

  • Auto reset function. After the card have been read, if within a specific time (can be set) there is no user pass by, system will automatic cancel the transit right for this time. Arm shall automatically return to home position.

  • Motorized automatic arm, built in intelligent motor allow arm turning operation more effortless and easy.

  • Able to integrate with variety of ticketing reader, card access control, pin access control and bio-metric access control that further enhance the security and monitoring of management. Top cover can be fully opened to allow easy installation of reader and additional control system.

  • MAG Unified Compact motor technology allows controller board, motor and gearbox to be built into a single unit for easy future maintenance and replacement.




Power supply

AC230 ± 10%V 50Hz

Power consumption

Idle 16W
Operating 38W

Response time

850 round/min

Pass speed

25 - 30 person per minute

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